The Seven Swords (2020) 七剑下天山之七情花 Full movie Free Download

Nahu Rongruo, the host of the Jianghu Gate, designed a snake-guiding hole for the Jiangbei Three Demons who captured the captured woman, but at a critical moment was interrupted by Gui Zhongming, who suffered from the outbreak of the soul, and the plan failed. Ma Huanlian and Gui Zhongming helped Nalan Rongruo to capture Jiangbei’s three demons together, and Ma Huanlian was taken to a ghost village. In the ghost village, Gui Zhongming learned that he was the young master of Wulong Village, and was hunted down by Hao Yufeng, the chief of the three demons. Fortunately, Nalan Rongruo was rescued. When Gui Zhongming returned to Jiange in search of memory, Xin Longzi, a fellow traveler, started the fire tongue mechanism, and by chance, he took the locust to discover the map of Wulong Village Holy Land. Gui Zhongming used the Tengyu sword to open the gate of the Holy Land, but Hao Yufeng was suddenly killed, breaking the identity of Xin Longzi, and at the same time countered by Xin Longzi. Xin Longzi won the love of flowers by means of a fake death. If Nalan Rong gave up the idea of ​​treating his wife, and Gui Zhongming could not cure the disease of detachment from the soul, he chose to take care of him all the time and never give up.

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